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EE Brakes G4-El Rosado-Direct Mount Kit

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    Ride in style with the first limited edition eeBrake G4 – El Rosado.

    This set includes a pair of limited edition black and magenta eeBrakes (direct or regular mount) as well as a eeNut preload assembly and eeBarKeep bar ends with anodized magenta center bolts.

    Cane Creek is producing a single limited run of El Rosado edition eeBrakes, eeBarKeeps and eeNut. In order to secure your brakes you must order by September 21, 2018.

    These limited edition eeBrakes are available in Regular and Direct Mount complete sets only.


    The eeBrake is the ultimate brake from start to finish – a uniquely robust patented design developed and refined by relentless engineering, both at the computer and through real-life testing. At half the weight than that of its competitors, eeBrakes continue to set new standards by which all other high performance road brakes are judged. The same supreme upgrade for performance-oriented riders, a dramatically higher overall stiffness provides better modulation and more power. No detail has been overlooked, greater tire clearance and tool-less pad centering make installation simple.

    PERFECT CABLE ALIGNMENT. The eeBrake cable adjuster pivots as the brake is applied, optimizing cable alignment during brake actuation. Also, the cable housing extends to lower tip of the cable adjustment screw eliminating added friction. That means, as the brake lever is squeezed, you get even and friction-free braking power.

    AERODYNAMIC. Cross Cable Path aligns the brake cable over the center of the brake. This alignment provides a graceful, clean line and moves cables into the “wind shadow” of the frame, providing an aerodynamic advantage over traditional brakes with their cables and lever arms off to one side of the caliper.

    EASY PRECISION. The tool-less adjustability provides super precision and pad motion consistency through the patented “Link” pad travel proportioning system. No annoying pad rub and constant need to re-center. No more re-adjusting the main fixing bolt after initial installation or using spring tensioning screws to align the brake pads.

    QUICK & SIMPLE. One simple flip of the lever on the Quick Strut release opens wide enough to easily clear a 28mm tire allowing easy wheel removal. Change pads with ease using our patented system via Shimano style pads allowing for easy pad installation and removal without the use of tools.

    PERFECT FIT.  eeBrakes are available in a variety of different configurations and styles to perfectly fit the needs riders worldwide.  To determine your bike’s perfect fit or to discus setup options visit your local bicycle retailer or contact us directly.