Bora WTO 45 DB 2WF DARK Front+Rear Campagnolo type FW body

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    • Wheel Developed In The Wind Tunnel - every wheel component, from the rim to the hub and the spokes, is designed to guarantee maximum aerodynamic penetration

    • Rim Made Entirely Of High Modulus Carbon - the rim made of unidirectional carbon ensures the rideability Campagnolo is known for

    • Special Brake Blocks For Carbon Wheels - the special compound boosts braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces, without increasing the wear rate of the pad

    • Usb Ceramic Cup-and-Cone System - easy to register balls/bearings - reduced possibility of ball/bearing play - precise cycling operations - steady performance levels

    • Hub Structure In Lightweight Aluminum That Is Extremely Stiff and Aerodynamic - optimised in the wind tunnel and designed for optimal rigidity and weight


    • Spokes:

      • 18 steel spokes in the front elliptical cross section

      • 21 steel spokes in the rear elliptical cross section, spaced in groups of three through the G3 system

      • Anti-rotation technology on the radial spokes

    • Versions and weights:

      • Bright Label

      • Dark Label

      • Only available for 2-Way Fit: 1496 gr

    • Hub:

      • Black aluminum monolithic hub

      • USB ceramic cup-and-cone bearing system

      • Hub edge: 100 mm in the front, 130 mm in the rear

      • Pivot material: aluminum

      • USB cup-and-cone bearing system

    • Rim:

      • Profile height: 45 mm

      • Rim material: carbon

      • Rim cross section (H x W): 45/26,5 mm Internal diameter of rim: 19 mm

      • AC3 technology on the braking rim

      • Water Transfer graphic

    • Tires:

      • Clincher tires

      • Tubeless tires

    • Assembly:

      • The Bora™ WT0 45 wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo® technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation.This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Campagnolo® wheels.

    • Comes with:

      • Special brake block kit for carbon wheels (red compound): 40% better braking performance in wet conditions and 20% better in dry.

      • Lightweight Quick Release wheels with an aerodynamic profile and shiny finish.

      • 35 mm tubeless valve

      • 35 mm valve extender

      • Bushing to reduce the size of the valve hole

      • 2 levers in composite material for tire removal - User manual

    • 2-Way Fit:

      • 1.496 g

      • The weight refers to the couple of wheels and does not include the quick release, the rim tape, the identity card and the hub caps

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