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The Run Compression Tall Socks 4.0 Men

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In the mood for a low-key run through the park, striving to set new records on the track or just staying active at the gym? No matter what, when and where: The Run Compression Socks from CEP Activating Sportswear are your activating running socks for every situation. The redefined compression profile is more precise to optimally supply your muscles with nutrients. Your legs feel lighter and your muscles recover faster. Plus you benefit from greater stability and maximum running comfort.

Optimum nutrient supply and better recovery

The proven medi compression makes every step more effective. The targeted compression promotes circulation and improves the supply of nutrients to your muscles so you run with greater stamina while also recovering faster. Compression at the calves minimizes energy-consuming muscle vibrations for more power.

Greater stability and a blister-free running experience

Another advantage for strong joints: The compression stabilizes your locomotor system and provides support while the activating compression increases your proprioception through deep sensory stimulation. You can feel your feet better for more accurate footwork, which ultimately reduces your risk of injury. And thanks to the perfectly positioned padded zones in the foot, your steps are cushioned to protect your joints.

Make training sessions more fun and enjoy blister-free running comfort

The latest generation of The Run Compression Socks for men are based on a proven blend of materials and innovative comfort features for perfect heat and moisture management. Innovative air channels in the footbed and a mesh-like structure at the calves guarantee optimal ventilation. There are also ventilation zones in the toe. The anatomical design, compression and blend of materials work together to take you to the finish line: These features guarantee that The Run Compression Socks fit perfectly in your running shoes without slipping, which helps prevent blisters.

Specifications for The Run Compression Tall Socks 4.0 Men

Size III or IV