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    Premio Black Bibshort
    The Premio Bibshort has been engineered to provide the ultimate in long-distance comfort and to be your favorite bibshort ever. That's a big claim, but there's a lot of research and development in this short to back it up. The seat pad is central to the Premio’s exceptional comfort and our top-of-the-line Progetto X2 Air Seamless pad is actually two separate components: a soft, stretchy Skin Care Layer next to your skin, which has the sole purpose of preventing any rubbing on your skin, and, under that, the Cushioning Layer, which features two separate densities of foam along with breathable perforated gel inserts under the ischia bones and perineum. Comfort continues through the construction of the short with reduced seams and only 3 panels. We engineered a new fabric that changes depending on the needs of various parts of the body. The lower leg has a raw-cut leg ending and rubberized yarns to guarantee a flat grip to keep the leg in place. The fabric becomes lighter in the thigh, while the four-way stretch provides just the right amount of muscle support. In the pelvis area, the compression and support increase to keep the seat pad and everything else in place,. At the back, there’s a thicker fabric to avoid any transparency issues. The premium fabrics extend to the bib straps. The perforated back keeps you cool and the edge is bonded so you don’t feel the thickness of a stitched edge. The elastic straps have just enough modulus (return) to hold your shorts securely in place without cutting into your shoulders. We've carried the less-is-more theme into the design, with minimalist laser-etched logos and subtle finishing. It looks as premium as it feels. You can tell that every component, every stitch, every detail has been obsessed over. You'll not find a better bibshort.

    Innovatively engineered for ultimate long-distance comfort, support, speed, and durability.

    Progetto X² Air Seamless
    MAXIMUM TECHNOLOGY FOR SUPREME COMFORT. Constructed in two components, each dedicated to a specific purpose, that together creates the most comfortable seat pad on the planet. Skin Care LayerSeamless, bacteriostatic layer made to adapt to the shape of your body and saddle without any folds in the fabric. Cushioning LayerSeamless Integrated Technology (S.I.T.) Perforated Viscous Comfort Zone.


    • The comfort performance short Gradient stretch woven fabric for the right support in the right place

    • Woven fabric weighs 30% less than comparable knit fabric

    • Perforated back bib panel with lie-flat bib straps that don't bind at the shoulders

    • Integrated gripper elastic at leg ending holds short in place without need for extra silicone grippers

    • Laser-etched logos with RossoCorsa at center back and black scorpion shadow logos at lower legs

    • Progetto X2 Air Seamless seat pad

    • Temperature: 14°C - 38°C / 57°F - 100°F

    • Fit: Performance.