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Cane Creek EE Brakes G3 Direct Mount Rear Boxed

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    CANE CREEK eeBrake brake rear wheel Direct mount road bike black

    The Cane Creek eeBrake is the ultimate road bike brake - its unique rugged, patented design, developed and refined through relentless on-the-go computer research and real-world testing. With only half of the weight of its competitors, eeBrake sets new standards for performance-oriented drivers who are looking for significantly higher overall stiffness, better meterability and more braking power. In addition, no detail was left out during the development: more space for larger rim and tire dimensions as well as tool-less pad centering make the installation and handling of the brake very easy.

    Perfect Brake Cable Alignment

    The eeBrake brake adjuster swings when the brake lever is pressed. Due to the optimal cable alignment, the braking force is transmitted evenly and without friction.


    The brake cable is centered over the brake body. This alignment provides a graceful, clean line and moves the brake cable in the lee of the frame. It thus offers an aerodynamic advantage over conventional brakes with the brake cables and lever arms on one side of the caliper.

    Simple Precision

    The tool-free adjustability ensures optimum precision and brake lining position. The patented Link Pad Travel adjustment system eliminates grinding and adjusting the brake pads.

    Fast and Easy

    Easiest lever operation to easily remove a tire up to 28 mm wide and the installation and replacement of the brake pads succeed with ease without the use of tools.

    Direct Mount

    While a conventional brake body is attached by means of a central axis, the direct-mount brake is attached via two pivot points (dual pivot: a separate pivot point for each brake flank). The pivot points are integrated directly into the frame and the fork.

    This system offers a high braking force and rigidity and a slight weight saving.

    Technical Specifications:

    Material         : Aluminum, titanium, stainless steel

    Technology         : Cane Creek eeBrake

    Compatibility : Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo shift brake lever

    Brake body mounting : Direct Mount

    Max. Tire size         : 28C (28mm)

    Rim width          : 18.0-28.0 mm

    Brake shoe          : Aluminum (without brake pad!)

    Color          : Black

    Weight                              : 82g front, 80g rear (without brake pads, manufacturer's information)