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Fenix 7S Pro Solar carbon Gray Titanium w/ Black Band

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    Activity function

    Track your activity

    Use preloaded activity modes to get data and analysis from your sport. Now you can also track team sports such as football, rugby, racquet sports and more.

    high intensity interval training

    Track your high-intensity interval training like AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata or custom workouts.

    training animation

    Follow the animations on the watch screen to start your aerobic, strength, yoga and Pilates training.

    Mountain skiing and snowboarding

    Get uphill and downhill records such as cadence, stride length and slope.

    Cross-country skiing news

    Use with the HRM-Pro Plus Monitoring Chest Strap (sold separately) to measure training load.

    surfing activities

    Record number of waves surfed, distance traveled and more.

    SURFLINE® Camera

    Surfline cameras use Surfline Sessions technology to capture every moment you ride the waves. Using the Surfline widget, you can check the tide, wave height, wind speed, surf rating and other sea conditions of the five recent surf spots3.

    MTB riding dynamics

    Track your cycling performance with exclusive Grit and Flow metrics.

    Navigation function

    Outdoor Map+

    Subscribe to Outdoor Maps+ and get premium map content, like satellite imagery and premium maps, downloaded directly to your watch.

    SATIQ technology

    Use multi-frequency GPS technology to achieve superior positioning accuracy while optimizing battery performance.

    ABC sensor

    Navigate your next path with the altimeter, barometer and 3-axis electronic compass.

    Multi-Continent TOPO Map

    Download TopoActive maps around the world to keep your adventures on track. Using the built-in Wi-Fi® connection, you can easily load and update maps without a computer.


    View trail names and difficulty levels for over 2,000 ski resorts around the world.

    golf course map

    Preloaded with more than 43,000 full-color golf course map information from around the world

    NEXTFORK Map Navigation

    When navigating, you can tell the distance to the next intersection and the name of the road just by looking at it.

    Forward information function

    Get at-a-glance information on specific points of interest ahead during the race, such as first aid stations.

    Fixed distance route planning

    Enter the booking distance and you can get a round-trip route planned by the big data information in the watch; you can even use TrendLine popular routes to choose the best local route for you.

    Route with turn-by-turn instructions

    Create or view existing routes in the Garmin Connect app, or sync with your favorite third-party platform for turn-by-turn directions.

    health function

    Garmin EKG App

    The ECG app7 uses sensors on your Garmin watch to record the electrical signals that control your heartbeat. The app analyzes the record to determine Look for signs of an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation (AFib).

    good morning morning news

    From the moment you wake up, the watch will display customized summary information based on your sleep quality, training profile, HRV status, weather, etc.

    HRV status

    Gain greater insight into your overall health, training and recovery while you sleep.

    Wrist optical heart rate sensing

    This watch continuously measures your heart rate2 to measure how hard your body is working during exercise.

    PULSE OX Pulse Oxygen Sensing

    Track your blood oxygen saturation while awake or sleeping to learn how you adapt to altitude4.

    Sleep monitoring and sleep scores

    Understand how your body is recovering with detailed explanations of sleep scores, sleep stages, and in-depth analysis of improving sleep quality2.

    Time difference advice

    Provides light intensity, sleep schedule and exercise guidance to minimize the impact of jet lag.

    Body energy index monitoring

    Measuring energy reserves at any time will help you plan and allocate activities and rest time throughout the day2.

    Pressure detection

    Let you know whether your day is calm, balanced or stressful.

    Health Express

    Take 2-minute instant health updates, record important health data, and export reports to share with health care providers.

    Women's Health Tracking

    Track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy for exercise and nutritional recommendations.

    link function

    Smart notification

    Pair to a compatible iPhone® or Android™ smartphone to receive email, text messages and alert notifications directly on your watch.


    Download songs and playlists from your Spotify®, Deezer or Amazon Music account for an instant, phone-free listening experience.

    Security and tracking features

    If you feel unsafe or the watch detects an accident, the watch will send a message containing your location to the emergency contact5.

    Stock Tracking Tools

    Track up to 50 of your most concerned stocks directly through the watch’s stock tracking tool6.

    CONNECT IQ store

    Download customizable looks, add new data fields, and get apps and gadgets through the Connect IQ Store app for compatible smartphones.

    Power management

    You can turn on or off various functions or sensor operations, and instantly see the impact on your watch's battery performance.